Sea Salt Route


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Sea Salt Route

Castro Marim salt pans visit with salter.

 Visit of the salinas | work in the saline (if your visit coincide with works collection of salt) Gastronomic test with tasting / salt-proof + take your salt. Duration of visit: around 2H00 / 3H00 (we do not have time limit, will depend on interaction with visitors)Includes saline of clams, white wine, and fingertips The visit begins with a brief explanation of the space where the visit takes place, the reason for the location of the salinas, the reservation as a space born of a socio-economic activity. Bring yuor own sea salt to home.

Additional Information: Visitors should bring hat and sunglasses. The most sensitive to the sun we advise application of sunscreen.

Meeting point: Tuk Tuk Tavira shop
Min guests: 1 – Max guests: 6