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Tour Villages is about learning how the people lived in Tavira region






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Tour through the Tavira's country side

Passing in a natural lake (pego do inferno) sculped on the natural lime stone. On this tour you can feel the farming area and the typical live style from this people. You will visit the Santo Estevão village where is a typical distillery and you will learn how his made licors and spirits. After heading to south, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes from country side and shore line, smell the orange blossom and see the best Manuelino style door from Luz de Tavira church. In the way to fisherman village, Santa Luzia there is a two thousand olive tree with an inside surprise. In this fisherman village, know as Octopus capital, you can visit a typical fishing boat with their many octopus tramps.Tour Villages is about learning how the people lived in Tavira region. You will visit typical activities, meet local people and visit geological wonder. Some villages like Santo Estevão, Luz de Tavira e Santa Luzia shows diferents activities. that activities are farming, mining and fishing.To finish this all around tour you will pass in one of many salt pans and see many types of birds and understand the oldest industry in Tavira, the salt industry.

This tours includes lunch.